Floral Maxi Dresses

Gone are the days when maxi dresses were looked upon as only vacation outfits. Following the lengthy hemlines of the first half of the 21st century, the maxi apparels managed to attract a new-generation fans.

Why so? This is because women across the globe got more inclined towards a more comfortable as well as a modest alternative to shorts and mini-skirts. Today, its like most women can’t imagine their lives without the most comfortable maxi dress.

The flowy, floor-kissing appeal of these dresses is unquestionable. So is its wearable fit and its extreme comfort, of which is adaptable enough to give a woman’s look to almost any body shape. All you need is to have the right maxi dress in your closet.

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Floral Maxi Dress

A Simple Reason to Choose Maxi Dresses: The Persuasive Journey from 20th to 21st Century

If you are thinking of a maxi to be a voluminous piece of polyester as seen during the 1970s, it is time to rethink. This is because that is no more the only option today. Today’s designers use more fine fabrics such as cotton to keep you cool and breezy, even amidst balmy summer temperatures.

Modern maxis attires now provide a more flattering fit and come in a myriad of styles to accentuate any physical contour. A maxi dress is usually form-fitting from the top and is then cut to flow freely across the lower body until it touches the bottom or the floor. Designed always in style, it is the staple for women.

The modern maxi dresses are available in a variety of colors and patterns as well. Dressed up with heeled footwear and simple ornaments, these dresses render an appearance of casual classiness that is versatile to suit a workplace or summer party. If worn with some funky jewelry and flip-flops, they make you look elegant and stay cool when on a beach.

Now do you feel like wearing a maxi? If not, then one of the reasons for it may be a plus-size or petite body, right? Well, there is still no need to worry. Contrary to popular belief, a maxi dress when coupled with the right accessories and styling works for all body shapes and sizes.

A Solid Reason to Have Maxi Dresses: Wear Anywhere!

A fancy ground-grazer such as a maxi is likely to suit any occasion. Right from posh parties to wonderful weddings and daily formal meets, a maxi dress is certainly the most versatile option for you. Let’s check out where you can wear these dresses.

  • Off-duty Meets: A maxi dress is an apt choice here when you wear the right accessories with it. When you are not at work, consider wearing a maxi dress with a tough jacket, a cross-body bag, and a pair of firmed trainers. This is an ideal off-duty outfit. Just focus on the length here when wearing with trainers, as it needs to be a bit below the ankle.
  • At Office: This is where any shirt-style attire will work, right? You can truly have your maxi look in this form. Just add a smart trouser, a formal jacket, and a block heel shoe. If you remain confused about who to mix and match your work clothes, just go for a maxi dress. Although this long dress seems apt for casual events, it is still suitable for workplaces, especially when it is in a more office-apt style.
  • On the Beach: Maxi dresses are ideally preferred for a holiday at a beach or on an island. They are worn right from day to night; all thanks to the floaty design. Although the white boho-inspired varieties are in trend at present, off-the-shoulder designs, cool cut-outs, and tassel strap detail are also preferable.
  • At Competitions: A racing or a competition event is full of fun. It truly needs a special outfit. Here too, a maxi dress with a lengthy skirt-like design for the lower body is a pretty choice. Choose anything that has good shape and structure. Just couple it with a pair of sunglasses, a posh hat, and a handbag.
  • During Summer: Cool maxi designs go well with hot summers. How about a soft fabric printed with floral prints? Well, this is the most suitable maxi design to consider for summers no matter where you go and what you do. Just wear it with a pair of low-heel sandals.
  • At Marriages and Parties: For these events, the floor-grazing flowy styles of different maxi dresses are just great. However, it is ideal to go with a modest cut, as a too much on the occasion or a show is typically not appreciated. Just choose a maxi dress with a distinct print.

So, another reason to choose a maxi dress is to wear it almost anywhere. However, the key here is to have the right style in your hand. This go-to piece will then be the first choice for all these events. It can truly take you from play to work regardless of where you are. At the same time, the right accessories simply tend to accentuate the simple or floral look.

A Stress-free Reason to Go with Maxi Dresses: Easy Fitting!

Floral Maxi Dresses

Floral Maxi Dresses

Yes, it is easy to make any maxi dress work for your body. In fact, the key to a fabulous maxi look is to tailor the attire to fit your body, which is actually easy. You should style it to make it stand out.

Women whose height is average or below it can try a maxi dress and will feel themselves swaying in an ocean of fabric. So, if you do not like such a flowy look and want a flattering appearance, go with a style having a hemline touching the top of your feet. Avoid going for any shorter dress.

If you are petite, it may mean to tailor the maxi dress so that it fits well or just stitch it yourself with the basic hemming skills. In case you are taller, you need to select the right length. For this, you often need to try out some styles as well as brands until you get to the right length.

After finding the most suitable length, it is now time to discard the typical tent-like appearance. An easy method to do so is to emphasize on the material and then cut it. It is wise to look for fabrics that swathe over the curves without compromising the loose feeling around the areas that you prefer to hide.

You should choose the dress style with an A-line design or an empire waist for enjoying a slimmer look. If you wish to elongate the look, a V-neck can help you do so. Pleats are ideal for petite girls who then appear more symmetrical. Similarly, a halter top should be your choice for minimizing the big shoulder look.

Even the pattern and colors play a significant role to give flatter look. Hefty ladies should not go with any intricate pattern but rather go with a print that is medium or large in size. On the contrary, larger patterns are not meant for petite women, as they can end up overwhelming their look.

The dark colors are more effective in giving a slim look than the light ones. They are also versatile in the sense of where you can wear that maxi dress. In simple words, you can wear a dark-colored maxi dress almost anywhere.

When the right style, color, and pattern gel with the right accessories, a lean, smooth figure is what you can enjoy. For example, just wearing a belt around the waist or a jacket tends to accentuate your shape.

Last but not least, do consider an ideal pair of shoes. For balancing the maxi’s length, several ladies consider wearing wedges, platforms, or espadrilles. No matter which you choose, there is a rise in both height and body length.

Taller ladies or those who prefer a more casual look should go with flip-flops or gladiator sandals. Do not go with the sharp heels, as the long dress can catch them to just trip you. Similarly, avoid closed-toe footwears or boots, as they can make you appear unfashionable.

Overall, maxi dresses are iconic by themselves. Thus, there is no need to worry about which accessories to wear with it. They work quite well with simple footwear and a clutch bag. This is the simplest way to style out with a modern maxi.

Selecting a Maxi According to Your Body

Do you feel that a maxi dress that Julia Roberts wore at one of the recent shows is made for you? If yes, then you need to reconsider. This is because each one of us has a distinct body structure and shape.

Obviously, you do not want to wear something that accentuates the wrong body parts, make you look heftier, or make you appear shorter. Keeping this in mind, here is a short guide on picking the right maxi attire as per your body.

  • Petite: it is common for short ladies to avoid maxi attires. This is because they think that these dresses make them appear childish or shorter. However, there is no need to avoid them now due to a handy idea. Just choose a dress with a high waistline so that you get a taller look. It is also recommended to go with high heels for increasing your overall height.
  • Pear: You will truly not like to have a maxi dress with ornamental additions to its top, such as ruffles and frills if the bottoms and hips are hefty. In that case, you should choose a maxi attire that accentuates the top half of the body through a perfect fitting. At the same time, you should ensure that the dress’ lower half is embellished with a simple dark color such as purple or black.
  • Stout: If the body shape is curvy or flabby, you will not prefer maxi dresses. The reason behind this is the belief that such a dress can give a curvy appearance. However, this belief turns into a myth if you manage to get the right maxi style. In this case, the right maxi dress is the one with the tightened waist. Yes, focusing on the waist is the key here. At the same time, go with a plain solid color, rather a darker one. Such a color is capable of hiding any additional, uncertain curves. Just avoid choosing the lean shoulder straps or weighty elaborations on the tummy or arms.
  • Tall: For tall women, it may become difficult to find a long fitting dress most of the time. However, when it comes to maxi dresses, they can easily manage to find a length reaching ankles. It is also fine to play with horizontal patterns to reduce height. A long, sleeveless style may also be ideal for you.
  • H or Athletic: If this is the body shape, the waist is likely to be less and physical fitness is truly commendable. For such a shape, a maxi with a tailored, column tier shape is likely to go well. The straight design will highlight every curve and give an overall flatter look. For having the most flattening appearance, it is ideal to choose the empire style. Just do not go with pleats. Consider a contrasting colored belt to create a curve-like illusion.
  • Hourglass: If this is your figure, you are truly lucky. This is because then styling becomes the easiest task for you. In simple words, you can go ahead and pick any maxi style. You can simply pick a grey color dress, a vintage design, or a spaghetti-strapped attire.

Right from minimal to flora, silks to cotton, and collar neck to V neck; a maxi style is there for everyone. Maxi dresses are available in different styles, colors, patterns, fabrics, and lengths. However, it is truly not which style you buy but is all about how you put up what you have brought.


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