Petite Maxi Dresses, 7 Things You Must Know

Petite Maxi Dresses

So, you are in search of the best petite maxi dresses, right? How do you actually go about looking for such dresses? Will they really fit well with petite women? Should you even think of them if you are petite? The answers to these most sought questions are here!

Maxi dresses have been in trend for more than a decade and are truly the summer favorites of several fashionable ladies. For tall women, they are undoubtedly the top choice, especially during the summertime.

There are many reasons why maxi dresses are easy to style for these women. However, what about petite? Is it that easy? Let’s find out along with some more things to know.

Are maxi dresses ideal for petite women?

Whether long dresses go well on a short body has been a matter of debate for years. Conventionally, many stylists recommend short dresses for petite ladies. This is due to a logical reason; if there are short legs, ladies look smart by keeping them uncovered to some extent.

For them, long dresses can prove to be overwhelming. This is another reason why petites are advised to choose short dresses. However, these reasons are not 100% true, as they are true only up to a certain extent.

It is a fact that wearing a dress whose length reaches up to the knee is a recognizable way to appear taller than what the actual height is by creating an illusion of lengthened legs. Nevertheless, petite maxi outfits are capable of giving a flattering look to the petites as well.

Petite Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dress Worn by Petite Woman

How to choose petite maxi dresses?

For petite women, the key to the most fascinating maxi dress is to choose the right maxi dress or style it as per the body shape. For this, you need to know certain things about these dresses. Knowing them can easily make you choose the right petite maxi outfit. So, let’s check them out!

Understand that not all maxi dresses are identical!

It is true that maxi dresses are designed to graze the ankle or the floor. However, not all of them will give the same look to you. This is because a few designs are specifically flattering to short women.

To get started, high/low hem outfits are ideal for short ladies, as they provide the best of both worlds: A long dress from the rear, making a constant vertical line to give a lengthening feel and a short hem in the front that gives an illusion of a taller look.

Then, maxi outfits with side cut seem to give a light and breezy feel to short girls. A small cut is enough for this feel. It prevents you from looking flooded by the fabrics while giving an illusion of being taller to others.

Focus on the right length!

Did you know that it is the length that primarily determines whether a petite maxi outfit will fit you or not? You should ideally get started by focusing on the length.

A too long outfit will end up with its fabric catching your footwear, which increases the chances of falling. Similarly, a too short outfit simply takes away the essence of a maxi dress. Thus, it is critical to buy from the petite designers who can guide you to have the right length.

Further, you should also focus on the specifications of these dresses even if the labels indicate petite sizing. There is a reason for keeping this eye. Each brand is likely to design petite maxi dresses of various lengths.

When maxi dresses started gaining attention as a summer trend, they were available in only standard sizes. Thus, for short women, the only way to make a maxi dress fit was to give it to a tailor and trim the additional inches.

However, today, there are brands known for their petite length maxi outfits, which eliminates the additional effort of going to a tailor and paying for tailoring.

The bottom line is that the influx of brands preparing these dresses has resulted in different petite options due to which petite women of any height can easily get a suitable length and fit. Still, you should check whether the specified length is suitable to your height or not without any further alteration.

You will find maxi dresses for heights ranging from 4’5″ or 5’4″. A 4’9” woman would need a length different from a 5’2” woman. A benchmark to find the right length is that the dress you choose should fall on the toe back while wearing flats. Thus, you need not worry about stumbling over when there are no heels with you.

Contrary to popular belief, ground-grazing dresses tend to work better for petite women than the ankle-length ones. Why so? Once the hem reaches up to ankles, the wearer will look shorter even if there are heels. This is because the hem is similar to a horizontal line passing across. You should also avoid those tea length dresses.

Choosing prints or solid colors is a personal choice!

Solid colors are generally for short girls. Darker colors such as purple and black are for those who want a taller as well as a thinner appearance. However, what if you like prints?

Undoubtedly, maxi outfits are available in a variety of patterns and prints. They are often the choice for social occasions and it is impossible to say no to such a design for some occasions.

In fact, many like floral prints, as they are just enticing. Ask maxi dress fans about it and they will say that it seems like something is missing when there is no single maxi with florals, especially when it is summer.

However, prints are infamous for making one look swamped. So, is it possible to avoid this unpleasant look? The answer is yes! The key here is to focus on the size of the prints. Typically, small prints are ideal for short women.

Large prints or patterns on maxi outfits tend to give a voluminous look due to which they are not meant for petite ladies. Considering the big area that the dress shall cover, large prints are likely to overwhelm the look.

Now, the question is how much large is considered large. Here, you can apply a rule of thumb that the print size should not extend your fist. Another way is to have petite maxi dresses with the top in print and bottom in a solid, dark shade. This combination is effective in rendering a thinner look.

It is wise to choose a print that is proportionate to your size. Take it from us: this consideration matters! If you are thin, a petite dress with small prints is ideal. If your size is medium, medium-sized prints should be your choice.

In case you are both petite and plus size, medium prints seem to be more sensible than the large ones. The latter is ideal for plus size women who are tall.

Just do not choose horizontal prints. This is because they are capable of creating an illusion of shortened height. Avoid bold horizontal or vertical patterns or lines, as they can make you look shorter or wider.  Vertical lines are fine but not when it is repeating in bold style. For instance, a vertical line passing through the middle of a dress can make the wearer appear taller and slimmer.

In case you want a striped maxi, look for non-bold lines that are thin and diagonal (45-degrees).

Focus on the waistline!

The waistline has a critical role to play in determining whether a maxi dress is looking nice on a petite woman or not. This is because it splits the body into different sections.

Have you ever wondered why a few stars appear taller on screen than what they look in real life? This is the power of proportion. If you are petite and have long legs, you are lucky. This is because almost anything will appear nice on you.

However, what if you are among the rest of us who dream of having longer legs? Well, for that, you only need to play with proportion! No matter what the height its, the best proportion is 1/3 and 2/3, which the lower body including the waistline should comprise 2/3rd area of your body.

If this is not a natural proportion for you, the good news is that it is possible to accomplish it in different ways. One of them is to raise the waistline, which you should consider for choosing the best petite maxi dresses.

For short girls, petite maxi attires having a high waistline or an empire waistline are the most pleasing ones. The latter is higher than the natural one due to which it makes legs look longer. A high waistline accomplishes the same outcome by pulling the focus upward. If none of these options exist, consider styling a maxi dress with a belt higher than the waist to get the same outcome.

Go with soft and flowy fabric

Do not think that a maxi dress of any fabric will be fine for petite women. You cannot underestimate the power of fabric in contributing to the overall look. Petite maxi dresses simply move with you. Thus, it is wise to choose a fabric that is soft and flowy.

For petite women, the best maxi dress has a fabric that embraces the natural curve in the right way instead of doing so very tightly or loosely as well as generates a womanly silhouette. Do not choose any stiff fabric, as it has its outline and will not flow or move with you.

Alterations may be essential!

Yes, you may need good tailoring skills! You may then get them from a good tailor or from yourself if you have the required hemming skills.

It is true that most petite size dresses are likely to fit well. However, at times, there are chances of alterations. While everything else about the brought dress pleases you, a few inches in length may seem to be unpleasant. You seriously now want to cut off those inches.

This requirement also arises when your height is under five feet and the petite maxi dresses you brought of different patterns are still too long.

These are the two most common situations in which you will need your tailor’s help so that the dresses fit you just right. However, it is wise to not touch or change the waistline and bodice of the dress.

The waistline is actually challenging to redesign. Thus, it is critical to find a petite maxi outfit having a waistline exactly where you want it. Similarly, bodice should be left untouched, as changing anything there is almost redoing the dress.

The tailors are capable of making these changes for you. However, they are undoubtedly complicated as well as costly. So, just be careful.

Consider a fitted maxi dress!

The right fit is always indispensable no matter what kind of dress you are looking for. Certainly, maxi dresses for petite ladies need to be flowy and comfy. However, this does not mean that they should be shapeless or voluminous.

Just visualize yourself in a loose, petite-sized maxi dress that is long enough and is freely flowing. It is obvious that such a dress will easily overwhelm your petite body. Such dresses make you look swamped in infinite fabrics. This is something that you will never adore.

So, it is wise to avoid too loose or king-size petite outfits. Their length may be petite but their design is definitely not going to flatter you. The overall look is such that the dress is wearing you and not vice-versa.

Petite maxi dresses are truly delightful if you know how to choose them. Nothing is right or wrong; you should just look for those designs that best suit your petite physique. Do not go with what others choose or buy for themselves; just go by your body shape to end up investing in the most flattering maxi dresses.

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