How to Tie a Tie: 4 Tie Knots Men Should Know

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4 Ways to Tie a Tie!

It is totally fine for you to look for how to tie a tie no matter what your age is! This is because learning has no age limit. While many men would affirm that they know how to tie, it is usually one or two types of ties that they are aware of.

Thus, although they know the how-to part, the overall knowledge is often limited. In reality, there are many ways to tie a tie, which results in different types of tie knots. It is vital to note that a few necktie knots go well with only a few tie fabrics and shirt collars to give the best look.

Whether you are a tie fan or a beginner to this art, the below steps to inform how to tie a tie in different ways will help you master the popular knots. They are in the chronological order of difficulty, ranging right from the classic to Windsor.

To get started, you only need a shirt, its necktie, a mirror, and some focus and patience. Do also ensure that your hands are neat for protecting the fabric of your tie. So, let’s get started!

The Simple/Oriental Knot

This is the knot to choose if you are looking for how to tie a tie that is the easiest one. The simple knot is not only easy to make but is relatively small in size, is symmetrical, and requires a relatively small necktie length or material.

When pulled tight, it becomes smaller due to which it is ideal for those having narrow faces and point or small collar spreads. This knot is suitable for both social and business-casual events. Following are the steps to make the simple or oriental tie:

  1. Wrap the tie around the collar such that the seam looks inward and your left’s thick end two or three inches below the intended finishing spot.
  2. Pass the thick end horizontally across the narrow end’s front.
  3. Place it back horizontally at the rear of the narrow end.
  4. Pass the thick end once more across the knot’s front from left to right.
  5. Now, do the same horizontally behind the knot from right to left.
  6. Perform step 4 and then slide a finger inside this third loop.
  7. Get the thick end’s tip up beneath the loop and support it up behind the knot, down below the knot’s front, and via the third loop.
  8. Pull the thick end through the loop and nestle it down.
  9. Adapt the tie by grabbing the knot using one hand and dragging lightly on the narrow end using the other hand.

The Pratt/Shelby Knot

This is an easy, long tie with an average size and a symmetrical shape. It is ideal for a narrow- or medium-spread collar and for weddings, daily office work, and outings in evenings. Although this tie is elegant and versatile, it is not for most formal occasions. Following are the steps of how to tie a tie having a Shelby or Pratt knot:

  1. Begin with the tie wrapped inside out around the neck, with the wide end to the right.
  2. Place the wide end beneath the narrow end.
  3. Get the wide end up and haul it down via the loop existing between the tie and the neck. Once you pull it, get it to the left.
  4. Place the wide end to the right and above the knot.
  5. Drag the wide end up via the loop between the tie and the neck.
  6. Loop the wide end via the knot and haul tight. Adjust as needed.

The Four-in-Hand Knot

This knot is among the most famous as well as old necktie knots for novices practicing how to tie a tie. It is an easy-to-learn and quick-to-master long tie that needs less tie’s length.

The narrower look is perfect for narrow spread, point, and button-down collars. The four-in-hand knot looks ideal for wide neckties in hefty fabrics.

This super versatile knot is a bit asymmetrical and is adaptable to most casual and formal occasions, except for the too formal ones. Following are the steps for making this tie knot:

  1. Thread or loop the tie around the collar such that the thick end is to the left as well as lower by 3-4 inches than the thin end.
  2. Cross the thick end in the thin end’s front.
  3. Drape the thick end at the rear of the thin end and horizontally cross from right to left.
  4. Position the thick end horizontally across the knot’s front from right to left.
  5. Slide a finger under this horizontal stretch.
  6. Make the thick end’s tip go upward and in, gliding it underneath the loop.
  7. Support the thick end down via the loop made open using the finger.
  8. Haul the thick end through the loop and place the knot down firmly.
  9. Tighten the knot by grabbing it in one hand and pulling on the thin end using the other hand.

The Half Windsor Knot

This is another popular knot, as it is adaptable to almost all occasions. It has a small size due to which you can have it on more collars such as spread, forward point, and button-down. Having a triangular and asymmetrical shape, this smaller knot than full Windsor goes well with medium-weight and wider ties as well as with any shirt.

You can consider this knot for both work and weddings. It is most suitable for semi-formal occasions. Following are the steps to tie a Windsor knot that takes only a few minutes.

  1. Start by wrapping the tie around your neck such that the wide end spreads around 12 inches beneath the narrow end and it on the right. Cross the tie’s wide part over the narrow end.
  2. Place the wide end at the rear as well as around the narrow end.
  3. Place wide end up and drag it down via the hole between the tie and the collar.
  4. Place it now around the front, from right to left over the narrow end.
  5. Place it now up back via the loop again.
  6. Drag the wide end down via the front’s knot.
  7. Tighten the knot and middle align it using your hands.


Of all the popular knots, the simplest one is the oriental one when it comes to how to tie a tie easily. You may then proceed to try other knots.


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