How to Successfully Reset Your iPhone to Factory Default in Minutes

iphone being factory reset

How To Reset Your Iphone

Whatever your reason is for wanting to learn how to reset your iPhone to factory default, this article is here to provide a step by step guide to getting it done. Whether you are selling your phone or taking it in for repair, the most important thing to remember is to back up your data on iCloud or iTunes. You will then be able to access this data at any point in the future, and even download it onto a different device. If you’re clearing the phone because it’s acting up, you’re going to want to reload that data right back onto the phone after you’ve wiped it.

How to Backup Before Resetting Your iPhone

Remember once you’ve reset your iPhone it will be irreversible. All of your carefully selected settings, your custom background, your contacts, your favorite apps, your personal messages, images and accounts will all be permanently deleted. For this reason, it’s best to backup the phone on your computer as well as in iCloud.

Do this by connecting your phone to your computer with a USB cable, before unlocking your phone. When your device appears in iTunes, click on it and it will open up the summary screen. Before you click the “Backup Now” button, tick the Encrypt iPhone backup box. Now you can go ahead and click the “Backup Now” button to save all your information.

How to reset your iPhone Completely

Okay, so now that you’ve backed up your iPhone and saved your passwords, you need to remove the sim card. This is because the reset might damage the sim card and you probably still want to keep that intact. The steps you need to take are pretty simple and straightforward, with slight variations in language on different IOS versions.

Step 1 – Open Settings

Step 2 – Click on General Settings

Step 3 – Click “Erase All Content and Settings”

At this point, you might be asked for your passcode, depending on whether you’ve setup your phone this way or not. If you have, you will need to enter the code before moving on to the next step.

Step  4 – Enter your Apple ID on request

(this disables Find my iPhone and removes the device from your Apple account entirely)

Step 5 – Wait a minute or two for the phone to process the instruction and you will see the welcome message asking you to swipe to continue. After that, you’re done!

So there you have it, 5 simple steps on how to reset your iPhone to factory default. If you want to retrieve your backup data and restore it to an iOS device, you can do this by opening up the new/wiped iOS device and navigating to Settings. From there you need to click on General, and then find “Software Update”. If a newer version is available, you will be guided to follow the prompts to download it. After that you can proceed to settings again, then click iCloud, Manage Storage and finally Backup. You can then select your most recent backup to restore to the iPhone.



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