How to Look Good in Casual Maxi Dresses

Why opt for casual maxi dresses for any occasion?

Undoubtedly, casual maxi dresses are among the most versatile attires, as it is possible to wear
them in a myriad of ways, at various occasions, and in different seasons. You can wear them
with several accessories, ranging right from gat to heels.

A casual look is truly great for both fall and summer. Just selecting maxi dresses with a
generous swing as well as slits make it effortless to style them with jeans when the
temperature starts falling outside. Believe it or not; a maxi dress did not have such a cool effect

When summer strikes with rising temperatures, a casual maxi outfit retains your chic and
elegant dressing style. These outfits can be among the hottest attires to wear on each hot day,
as they are available in a variety of designs and colors. The variety is so much that you can wear
them throughout the year too.

Did you know that a single casual maxi dress can be an elegant choice for more than one type
of occasion? For example, you can wear it for attending a mocktail meet or having a cool look at
a resort or a beach.

In short, it all depends on you; how you style the look of a casual dress with apt accessories as
well as shoes. A casual maxi wear is indispensable for a feminine feel but the way you style it
determines how you make the most out of it. Let’s check the different ways to do so.

Consider Layering your Maxi Dresses

Layering a casual maxi dress is in trend right now. It is perhaps the perfect style for these
dresses. At times, maxi dresses feature a deep cut. It is preferred to layer one such dress with
something cool and light. This is how you can have casual maxi dresses. Keeping this in mind,
try combining one such dress with a simple crop top, shirt, or a jacket.

Crop tops are ideal for those who are fans of tops. They will never fail to both style and charm
to your overall clothing, no matter which type, color, or pattern you choose. Further, a crop top
is capable of making your clothing stand out in the crowd. It is truly an ideal way to make a
casual look stylish.

Another option to consider when it comes to maxi dress layering is a shirt. Consider it if you
love to wear shirts instead of tops. All you have to do is top the casual maxi outfit with a plain
cotton shirt. That’s it! You are now good to go. This is perhaps an ideal attire for a brunch on a
summer day.

Consider investing in a white shirt, as it gels well with almost anything. You can even wear a
shirt whose color is in contrast with that of the maxi dress. In case the maxi dress is plain or
simple, consider choosing a shirt with some abstract prints or drape in a single solid color.
If it is winter, consider layering a maxi dress with a jacket. Pairing a maxi dress with a cool jacket
is an ideal and stylish way to remain warm while feeling cozy. Go with a fitted jacket if you have
a loose comfortable maxi outfit. However, as per the maxi fitting and color, you can choose a
casual and loose jacket. A denim jacket can easily give you a sassier look.

You can even consider a sweater if you do not have a jacket and do not want to invest in it now.
The combination of sweater and maxi never fails to give a classical look. It is often the top
choice during early fall or spring.

How about using a trench coat with casual maxi dresses? Well, you will truly love that typical
posh look that this coat is known to give. Choose a long trench coat if you love the flowy

A loose sweater with a summer maxi dress gives you a more casual look than expected. Even
hoodies are great for enjoying a unique combination of flair and cool look.
If you want a casual feel without compromising the formal look while in the working
environment, consider pairing the maxi dress with a blazer. To be more specific, a structured
blazer is what you should look for. While blazer’s length is your personal preference, a maxi
dress with below-the-knee length is just fine.

Emphasize the Waist

It is a fact that maxi dresses have a relaxed approach and are flowy as well as loose. The loose
flow is the reason why you should consider clinching the waist using a plain belt. This
combination definitely flatters your silhouette. It also gives a chic as well as a neat appearance.
With a simple belt, you can transform the plain look of a white, long maxi dress into a cool,
stunning one. Yes, it is the details that can make your waist look narrower and give a flattering
figure. Choose a belt color that is in contrast with your maxi dress look more beautiful.

Wear your Maxi Dress with jeans

It is fascinating to wear casual maxi dresses with denim or cotton jeans. No, this is not about
shirt dresses with jeans preferable during the summer to give Boho street-style looks but it is
about putting life to a boring maxi dress lying far inside in your cupboard.

So, why not make that old maxi the latest piece to wear? To do so, just wear a pair of blue
jeans; that’s it! Just ensure that the maxi has a short slit so that your pair of jeans glances out. It
is fine to have bold colors and bold prints on maxis when combining with jeans. This
combination would sound tricky but it is worth a try!

Pants are also an option but they go well with shirt maxi dresses. Long maxis with pants tend to
render a relaxed, casual appearance, which is ideal for a calm office look on a Friday.

Wear with Different Shoes

Just a pair of flat shoes or sandals can add a casual vibe to a maxi outfit. For walking around on
a heel-like height, a wedge sandal is the way to go. It uplifts your height (illusionary) while
retaining the more casual appearance.

High heels can be your option but they will not give the most casual look. While they are
popular with maxi outfits to get hidden under them and make you taller, they will fall short of
rendering a pleasant casual style.

How about wearing sneakers? While still women cannot quit wearing sandals on long dresses
during summer, they will be happier and more comfortable in sneakers if they try it. So, if you
are also one of them, why not put sneakers to test?

If you will be going on a walk either because it is a part of your trip or you just for a hangout
after dinner in your favorite restaurant, a casual maxi dress with sneakers gives you a cooler
look. Did you know pairing them with sneakers is the latest trend?

So, why not try a pair of solid sneakers? You will truly enjoy its laid-back appearance during
casual outings. Consider wearing a pair of white sneakers, as it truly goes a long way with your
long dress.

If you are planning a vacation on a beach or an island, nothing can beat flip flops. Instead of
sneakers or sandals, these shoes truly give you a distinct but beach-friendly look. Allowing the
wind to pass through your dress, they are just perfect for beach fun.

Go with Light Fabrics

When it is the matter of selecting casual maxi dresses for wearing during the day in summer,
consider a vibrant pattern printed on a light fabric such as cotton. Fabrics such as silk or
polyester will not contribute significantly to keeping you cool or look casual.

Choose a light fabric with a floral or tropical print to enjoy a fresh feel along with a casual look.
If you also wish to add a trendy touch, consider a maxi dress in a solid color such as a neutral,
pastel, or a bright hue. Just ensure to go with a lively color along with a catchy pattern. Further,
do choose the right shoes and the trendy look will not go away from you.


Not all maxi dresses are casual by default. It is the way you style them that give you casual maxi
dresses. These dresses are then versatile enough to wear on different occasions or venues.

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