Taking Screenshot on Android Phone

How To Take a Screenshot on any Android Phone!

Sometimes learning new things such as how to use unfamiliar technology can seem daunting, but this often comes down to a mental block. If you have never taken a screenshot on an android phone before, you might not be aware that it literally only takes a second. That being said, there are a number of android phones on the market and it might seem like each one has a different setting for screenshot. While this may be true for android versions 2.3 and below, if you are using the Ice-cream Sandwich version of an android (version 4.0 and higher), this is not the case.

In a rare and surprisingly simple universal turn of events, once you learn how to take an android screenshot on one version 4.0 phone, you can do it on all of them. A few Samsung phones below version 2.3 are the exception to the rule, and you can press the home and power buttons simultaneously to take the screenshot. The rest of these older models generally require an app such as No Root Screenshot It, in order to achieve results. You will need to install this app on both your phone and your PC for it to work, and unfortunately you will need to connect your phone to the computer every time you reboot it. Although this method does require a little extra effort, it still works and is worth it to have the magic of the screenshot in your life.

There is another method you can use to take a screenshot on an Android phone with a version below the 2.3 mark. It involves rooting your phone, which involves a different procedure for almost every make and model. You can learn more about how to root your Android phone here (https://lifehacker.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-rooting-your-android-5789397). Once you have rooted your Android, it opens up the door to a whole new world of features and functions, including the screenshot. Through this method, you will have the option of both built-in screenshot mode, or simply using a shortcut when taking a screenshot.

The Life Changing Benefits of the Screenshot

Learning how to take an android screenshot is one of the highlights of modern technology, instantly capturing a visual and preserving it forever in the memory of your phone. Screenshots are useful for gathering information when browsing the internet, and finding a piece of information you may want to return to later. For example, if you are reading a fascinating article and come across a life-changing excerpt you can save this information without the bother of bookmarking the entire page.

As an information-gathering tool, the screenshot can be used for almost any reason, the most noteworthy being as a means to capture evidence that can be used in a dispute. When it comes to the law, screenshots have been a total game-changer for anyone caught up in a situation that needs solid proof. You can screenshot whatsapp conversations, call times, emails or literally anything you need to back your case. These screenshots are saved to your phone and can be shared on any platform or messaging service.

How to Take an Android Screenshot

Whatever your reason for using the screenshot function, you may not wish to reveal to anyone in this day and age that you don’t know how to do it. If you have been trying to figure out how to take an android screenshot but are too embarrassed to ask anyone for help, this article has the answer that will help you to save face and take the damn screenshot. Here’s how you do it in one easy step: Place your thumb over the power and volume buttons simultaneously and press them down at the same time. Keep holding them until you see the screenshot appear, then release. You can find the screenshot automatically saved in the gallery section of the phone. Now that you know how to take an android screenshot, welcome to the digital era.


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