A Brief Guide to Choosing Plus Size Maxi Dresses

floral plus size maxi dress

Maxi dresses for women and girls are a comfortable alternative for daily wear. The fact that there are several elegant options in this category gives a scope to have the desired look. While there are many options such as tops, minis, and midis, the plus size maxi dresses have their own charisma. They are most suitable for those who want to hide the additional flab in a graceful way.

These maxi dresses are available in different styles for plus size women. They are designed to give a perfect look regardless of the event and go a long way to give the most wanted slimmer appearance.

However, it is essential to pick these dresses with a smart approach to make all the difference. Maxi dresses for plus size ladies can be attractive only if you select the right style. For this purpose, this post aims to share the different factors or things to consider while choosing these outfits.

floral plus size maxi dress

Floral Plus Size Maxi Dress

Factors to Consider while Selecting a Plus Size Maxi Dress

Just because you loved the maxi dress that another plus size lady or a celebrity had worn a few days ago does not mean that the same dress in terms of color and style would suit you too. This is because what fits one body may not necessarily fit the other even if the body shape and structure seem to be identical.

The truth is that each one of us has a unique silhouette. So, it is wise to choose a dress accordingly. However, it simply does not suffice to find the right silhouette; it is just not the end of your selection task.
You also need to decide the color, pattern, flattening ability, and length as per the occasion. Thus, selecting the best maxi dress for a plus size lady or girl also involves finding occasion-friendly and flattering options. Below are the different factors for you to consider while buying the most flattering maxi dress.


This is the primary factor to consider even before you go ahead and look for plus size maxi dresses out there. After all, you will choose a dress as per the type of occasion. A casual dress is ideal for a few events, while the others persuade you to get the best look.

For instance, a casual occasion can be a beach holiday or a get-together with friends. As both happen amidst a relaxed environment, it is just fine to go with a flowy empire-waist maxi dress. Indeed, several swimsuit cover-ups boast this outline so that ladies will wear them no matter what their body type is.

On the other hand, if the event is formal such as a business meeting, an empire-waist outfit is just not the right choice. This is because it is too casual for formal occasions. In such a case, a peplum or an A-line maxi outfit is the way to go. In short, a max dress with more structure is what you need.

Length of Maxi Dresses

When it comes to plus size maxi outfits, the length is certainly the most important factor to consider. This is because the length is responsible to impart a stunning silhouette if it is chosen smartly.

For plus-sized as well as petite ladies or girls, maxi outfits having a toe-reaching length are just perfect. Just choose one of them and pair it with heels or flats as per your level of comfort as well as the event. Just avoid choosing ankle-length max outfits, as they are ideal for slimmer women, and not for plus-sized ones.

Colors and Patterns

If you have done some online research on maxi outfits for hefty women, most websites will inform you to go with a dark color to make the body look flatter. So, have you ever wondered why such colors flatter these ladies?
Well, that is because these colors are capable of modulating different flabby areas. Specifically, the black color is famous for this ability. It is a neutral color due to which it does not collide with the skin undertones.
However, this does not mean that women with heavy body need to fall back when it comes to selecting a color. They can definitely consider adding bright accessories to their dark-colored dresses.

Overall, it is wise to go with the dark, solid hues, as they make plus size women look both slimmer and taller. If there is a craze for patterned dresses to have some variety, consider vertical and smaller prints. Just avoid big, horizontal patterns playing with colors, as such designs simply add to the overall body volume.

It is also fine to mix and match the dark and light or contrast colors to gain a stunning effect. For an admirer of yellow who has an apple-like appearance, a lean violet belt over an A-line maxi dress in yellow gives the perfect look. The dark color of the belt and the slim look give less emphasis to the waist and lengthen the torso.


Choosing the right fabric is as important as selecting the right length and color for plus size women. It is rational to go with a flowy fabric such as soft jersey, georgette, or chiffon for bulkier figures. This is because plus size maxi dresses made using these fabrics tend to skim the look, give a comfortable fit, and flatter the curves.

Avoid choosing a stiff material, as it is dynamic in rendering a shape to the body due to which the end result is less likely to be striking.


For plus sizes wearers, a maxi dress with a tailored upperpart and full, flowing skirt design is undoubtedly the best cut. This is because it delivers a balanced drape. For tightening the waistline and having an elongated look, a not-so-deep V neckline and a belted waist are ideal design options.

Styles such as flared skirts and pouf sleeves are just not meant for the required cut-off. They actually are ideal for adding to the existing volume.

Selecting the Right Style for a Plus Size Maxi Dress

When it comes to plus size outfits, you have a variety of silhouette styles to choose from. The key here is to choose the right style that not only fits well but also accentuates your look. For this, you need to know what each style is for.

Well, each of them either accentuates or downplays one or more aspects. When you know this precisely, it becomes easy for you to choose the right style in just a few minutes. So, let’s go through the most common maxi dress silhouettes so that you can find out the best one for you.

• A-line: Generates the effect of an hourglass shape with a tailored top and torso followed by flaring out at the waist in a trilateral shape. This silhouette type is preferred by ladies having any body shape. An A-line silhouette accentuating a plus-size maxi dress made up of a stronger fabric such as denim, cotton, or rayon is perhaps ideal for full-figured women. Flowy, clingy fabrics such as satin and silk will not be comfortable for them. Stronger or stiffer fabrics tend to maintain the dress’ shape due to which the resulting flattering features are suitable for any type of body.

• Empire: Accentuates the shape of the lower body instead of the upper body or torso, as the style gathers below the bust rather than the natural waistline. Consider this style for plus size maxi dresses if the body shape is triangle, oval, or rectangle. This is because it grabs attention upward while elegantly covering over the areas beneath the bust. Dresses in this style are available in a myriad of lengths, right from minis to shorts and breezy, floral versions grazing the floor.

• Peplum: Is a style with a ruffle embellishing the waist part. You must have seen such dresses for sure, as they are popular. The style is meant for giving a look of an hourglass silhouette. Although the underlying look makes one remind of bodycon, any extra ruffle partially drapes around the waist, widening out by a few inches. As a result, the waist appears smaller than the hips as well as shoulders. Consider this style if the body shape is oval or rectangle and there is a wish to balance the waist in contrast to the rest of the body.

• Straight: Is a style preferable for having a casual, cool appearance. It is perhaps an effortless and comfortable option to choose for even maxi dresses as well. There is no integrated waistline in such a style and falls clearly from the shoulders. The straight style is ideal for those with shoulders and waists being of the same width or shoulders being wider to make a shape of an apple or a rectangle.

• Corset: Is a style that gained popularity during the 17th and 18th centuries. It features a panel that embraces a part of or full torso. This style may or may not be scaled or shaped to accentuate the waist but typically has a laced detail on the rear. The overall arrangement is such that the panel binds at the waist and releases at the hips to give an illusion of an inflated hourglass shape. It is suitable for any figure, as it never fails in enhancing any body shape.

When it comes to plus size maxi dresses, it is essential to sustain a defined waist and prevent the loose appearance. You may even consider for a short side split and a not too deep but somewhat open neckline to get rid of the bulk feeling. Finally, it all comes to your body shape, occasion, and your preferences.

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