Plus size cocktail dresses, 5 must have dresses

Cocktail Dress

Let’s face it, it’s not easy finding a plus size cocktail dresses no matter where you look. Thankfully the internet has made it much easier to find plus size cocktail dresses. There are so many different types of cocktail dresses, but which ones do you really need? Are you looking for a dress for a first date? Or maybe you’re just looking for something for a casual night out. Here we’ll go through 5 plus size cocktail dresses you can get for the 5 most common reasons you’d need to wear one.

plus size cocktail dresses

Plus size party cocktail dresses

This is exactly what it sounds like. These dresses are average in length and are appropriate for most parties. You don’t want the dress to be too short which might come off as in appropriate if you’re at a business party. You also don’t want your dress to be too long which would come off as unattractive if you’re out with friends for a casual night out. The party cocktail dress should be average in length and be able to be worn appropriately for any party.

Plus size cocktail dresses with sleeves

These are the more formal dresses you would wear to possibly a work outing or business meeting. They come in different styles and sizes and can either have short sleeves or long sleeves. It’s always good to have a cocktail dress with sleeves because you never know when you might have an important meeting but don’t want to show off too much skin. Most professionals wear cocktail dresses with sleeves because it comes off as professional, but still attractive.

Plus size formal cocktail dresses

A formal cocktail dress can come off as many things and it would depend on the occasion. Most formal cocktail dresses align with cocktail dresses with sleeves because they are more formal and show less skin. Formal cocktail dresses never have straps and are always for professional occasions. This is not a dress you would wear for a night out with friends. The dress should never be more than two inches above your knees. Remember, these dresses are for formal occasions you don’t want to look like you’re trying to pick up a date.

Long sleeve plus sized cocktail dresses

Long sleeve cocktail dresses are becoming more and more popular especially in the colder cities. They’re starting to get more attractive and worn more for casual nights. Long sleeve cocktail dresses are usually for formal events but are slowly being worn out as they’re still highly attractive and will keep you warm in the winter. Traditionally long sleeve cocktail dresses would be worn at formal parties, but don’t be afraid to step out and wear one at a casual night out. I’ll take looking more formal and staying warm any day of the week.

Plus size short cocktail dresses

Finally, the plus sized short cocktail dress. These dresses are the opposite of formal and will go higher than two inches above your knees. The short cocktail dress usually only comes in straps or no straps at all depending on which you prefer. These are the dresses you would wear for a night out or to a club and show as much skin as possible. The short cocktail dress is basically for those that want to look good and feel sexy when they’re out.

Although it maybe hard to find plus size cocktail dresses it’s always good to have one of each of the 5 dresses we mentioned. If you have at least one of each you’ll have a dress that will fit for any occasion. Feel free to browse our plus size cocktail dresses and see which one you might need for that special occasion.




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